Social responsibility is a way of life at all our companies. Our companies act in socially responsible manner and believe in paying back the society. It means investing in and enriching our communities.  It means encouraging employee volunteerism.  Our commitment to good corporate citizenship includes:


Our commitment to social responsibility is as strong today as it was when our late Chairman founded the companies. We are actively donating to various charitable institutes and sponsoring various social causes. These values were adopted and inculcated in our culture by our late Chairman. We are proud of our progress so far, but there is still much we can do.



This policy provides procedures and guidelines to help ensure that all areas of the group are in full compliance with the Corporate Governance Policy regarding decisions related to financial reporting, adherence to all enacted laws and regulation, assets valuation and protection, management of contingencies, ethics policy communication, and administration of the Corporate Enterprises.

It is the belief of the group that the policy as written, is sufficiently complete so that those relevant factors that would communicate the group philosophy regarding all elements of the Corporate Governance Policy are complete.

Management is committed to continual review of the Corporate Governance Policy, which permits consistent oversight of the group’s internal control policies and risk management program. This policy is written in accordance with the group’s standards of business conduct.

The Scope of this policy applies to all aspect of group production, financial and sales operation and dealing with customers and vendors and upholding the reputation of all the companies in the group.


Group Commitment

The  group is committed to providing necessary capital resources to maintain accurate financial reporting, an ethical business environment, open communication policies, and reduction of risk exposure.

Enforcement and Monitoring

A CFO is appointed who supervises and monitor internal transaction and audit. He is also responsible for identifying and resolving any deviations from this policy.






a) QUALITY POLICY The Group wishes to maintain its position as one of the finest quality-managed companies capable of meeting the requirements of our external & internal customers. The internal corporate culture stresses on employees participation and innovation technology application to achieve continues improvement, & addition of state of the art plant & equipments for handling of all kinds products.
We are a dedicated team that is professional in approach, proficient in work. Our spirit of enterprise and dedication to quality symbolizes our corporate culture where commitment leads achievement follows, we are in constant process of implementing a quality standard. Our congenial work environment is in perfect harmony and international safety codes. Ours is a commitment to promote socially responsible environmentally concerned business ethics. Professionalism backed by our values, market reach, male us a winning team-today & beyond.


  • . The Company acts in a socially responsible manner within the laws of Pakistan, in pursuit of itslegitimate commercial objectives.
  • . To fulfill all legal requirements of the Government and its regulatory bodies, follow relevant and applicable laws of the Company. The company is tax compliant.
  • . The Company does not support any political party or contributes funds to groups whose activities promote party interests. The Company will promote its legitimate business interests through business world.
  • . The Company recognizes its social responsibility and will contribute to community activities as a good citizen.
  • . Enforcement of minimum age of employee of eighteen years without any discrimination.
  • . Relaxed environment for employees. Practical measures related to health and safety of the employees.


The Company remains committed to meet the environmental standards and achieving excellence in this area. The Company assigns high priority to safety aspects in all area of operations. The Company ensures that all its present and future activities are conducted safely without endangering the health of its employees. Up-gradation of safety equipments is a continuous process to meet international safety standards. Continuous efforts are being made for further improvement in safety systems. The overall health, safety and environment performance at the plants was satisfactory through the year.
All companies in our group pursue long terms objectives towards conservation in the use of electricity, gas, and water setting up an environmental management system. we pursue policies that ensures the health and safety of our employees.

The Company is committed to provide equal opportunity & ensures maintenance of a Multicultural environment. The employment decisions are made by providing equal opportunity and on the basis of qualification and merits only. Moreover, the Company ensures fair, consistent, effective and efficient recruitment and selection in hiring the most suitable candidates. We consider our employee to be our most valuable assets and to fetch their commitments and efforts. The Company firmly believes in providing them conducive environment and is further committed to provide them a sense of security.
The Company requires all its employees to demonstrate honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspect of its business;

  • . To obey law, Company Policies and Values.
  • . All employees have equal opportunities.
  • . Job satisfaction is provided to each employee.
  • . Good working environment is provided to motivate the employees.
  • . No one is allowed to bring and deal in illegal drugs or weapons in the Company premises.
  • . Employees are required to avoid conflict of interest between their private financial activities and their professional role in conducting Company business.

All our companies concentrates on research and development in our industry. Our intention is to improve our processes to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher performance levels through R&D projects, Knowledge Based Pc-programs and Management Systems.

The key factor for the future of our company is research and development (R&D). It is through this department that we will be ready to meet the challenges of the future, by conducting various experiments and applying new techniques for the creation of innovative and new fancy items.